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Pinellas County - Florida

Population: About 926,146 on 280 sq. miles of land
Thee most densely populated county in the state
-You still have to throw in the tourists and drifters.-

Facts & Figures


Pinellas County is a peninsula surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico along it's west coast and Tampa Bay on the east coast. It is located on the west-central coast of Florida and is part of the Tampa Bay area, which is usually referred to as the metro area of Tampa - St. Petersburg - Clearwater. St. Petersburg & Clearwater are located in Pinellas county, while Tampa is located in Hillsborough county.

Brief History

Pinellas County officially became a county on January 1st, 1912, with a population of 13,000. In 1997 there were approximately 894,000 permanent residents and 41,000 seasonal residents.

The biggest industry in Pinellas county is tourism and in 1997 the estimated number of tourists was 4,250,000, adding almost $2 billion to the economy.

Pinellas comes from the Spanish words Punta Pinal meaning point of pines, which was an accurate description for this area when it was discovered by Panfilo de Narvaez in 1528. Today Pinellas county is the most densely populated county in the state with about 3,300 people per square mile, the runner-up being Broward county with 1,347 people per square mile.

This is just a very brief history of the county, once known as West Hillsborough, and of course there was much suffering brought to the Tocobaga Indians who lived here peacefully from 1000 a.d., until it was "discovered" by the Spanish in 1528; they were extinct within 100 years of that.

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Living with Alligators provides information about alligators and some very good saftey tips on living in the alligators habitat, which includes Florida as well as other southern states.

Cities, Towns & Government of Pinellas County - Florida

Satellite View of the Tampa Bay Area

Pinellas County Government Website Pinellas County Municipalities

Scully's Restaurant - Pictured at right, is located on the boardwalk at John's Pass Village & Boardwalk. If you visit the John's Pass website you'll find a web cam that you can control as well as information for all of the businesses located there. Some of the businesses include: parasailing, charter fishing, jet ski & boat rentals, restaurants, gift shops, clotheing stores and of course beach supplies.

Visit John's Pass Village & Boardwalk.

In recent years the Boardwalk at John's Pass has been transformed into some kind of tourist mecca where you're lucky if you can find a place to park. I used to like to go there to eat, browse/shop and enjoy the view from the boardwalk; I don't go there anymore.
Scully's Restaurant - Click to Visit John's Pass

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The Find a Restaurant link above takes you to and is set for Pinellas County, when you go to their website replace the Pinellas County, Florida location with your zipcode and click on search to narrow the results a bit.

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My View of Pinellas County

Pinellas County is beautiful and well maintained, with an abundance of things for a person to do here, in the surrounding Tampa Bay area and central Florida. A lot of the more exciting activities do require that you have a nice chunk of change though.

For me, there are two drawbacks:

  1. Traffic: It can be a real pain sometimes, depending on where you're going and what time you're going there; some recent projects may eleviate that somewhat.

  2. Jobs: I haven't looked for a job for a long time, but for unskilled workers, the pay is just way too low. Temp agencies are over used and used for the wrong purpose, that's because some companies will keep a person on as a temp for a long period of time to avoid things like health coverage, sick pay, vacation pay and holiday pay.
I'm from Ohio, and from where I lived you could go just a few miles in any of three directions to be in the country, then you'd be in the country for miles and miles. My wife is from Florida and we went to Ohio together once, when asked what she saw in Ohio her reply was: "corn, mile after mile of corn". It's not quite so easy to get to the country from here.